Would you like some free marketing ideas?  

Marketing for many businesses can be a costly activity, and particularly for small businesses, maybe something that just isn’t affordable. Thankfully, there are many free marketing opportunities you can take advantage of to help build your business.

Referral Programs

It may be that your business could benefit from setting up a referral program. For example, if you are a business coach, you could offer a free session to those who refer another business to you or perhaps offer a scheme where they receive a voucher for one of their favourite brands.

When you have a solid referral marketing program, you let your existing customers bring new buyers to your brand significantly reducing spending on bringing new customers to you, and it also increases customer retention.

User generated content

Using user generated content in your marketing is quick and free. It also works because you’re allowing your customers to shout about how great you and your services or products are, which is much more powerful than you telling people why you’re great.

Encourage your users to tag your social profiles and products by creating hashtags as well as using your social handles.

Adding your consumers content to your social stories for example creates a community feeling and allows customers to feel a connection with your brand.


It costs nothing other than your time to write a blog and it makes for great content as well as improving your SEO. But blogs are so much more than just an article for your website.

A well curated blog can help you to establish yourself as an industry leader, particularly if you can contribute guest blogs to other platforms who target your audience. As a coach, for example, it may be that you can contribute to a coaching platform such as the AOC or ICF or other business focused platforms.

It’s also worth creating a subscription list that automatically get your blog updates. Although you can shout about new blogs being posted on your social channels, it’s not guaranteed to reach those that you intend it to. Whereas having a subscriber list likely means those people are interested in what you have to say.

Social media groups

Creating groups on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are completely free and they are an effective marketing tool.

By creating these groups, you can be selective of who you allow to join and therefore can ensure those in the group are your target audience, plus you can make sure that any contribution to those groups will be of value and quality.

Not only can you engage with your customers via the group but you are allowing them to create a community around your business and brand, effectively creating a tribe that will be some of your biggest advocates.

An effective marketing idea to use in those groups is to create a VIP customer feel, offering exclusive discounts and offers.

There are of course many free marketing opportunities so if you find one isn’t working for your industry, just move on to the next!

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