Imagine what a Virtual Assistant could do in 5 hours?

Ever imagine what you could do for your business in 5 hours if you didn’t have all those administrative and time-consuming tasks to finish first?   Maybe you need some administrative support?

It is sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees and when it comes to your own business, overwhelm can soon kick in.

Another problem business owners face is knowing who can help, who can do what and understanding what can be achieved in a very short time.

It is a bit like me trying to understand how long it would take a heating engineer to fit a radiator.  I have no idea what it entails, what tools they need or how long it should take.  I rely on that expert to do that piece of work.  I outsource.

So, I have produced a list of tasks that a Virtual Assistant could do to help you in just five hours.

And as part of my Super Summer Promotion helping you go from “Chaos to Calm”, I am offering 5 hours for the price of 4 for a limited time to ensure you get to where you need to be for the Autumn.

  1. Declutter, reorganise and clean up that troublesome email inbox
  2. An audit of your LinkedIn profile
  3. Research and gather information on 20 new prospects
  4. Updating your website with new content
  5. Typing up 1 hour of audio transcription
  6. Creation of a flyer for a training event
  7. A review of all your social media platforms
  8. Creation of 20 new memes for your social media scheduling
  9. Sorting out your electronic files on your PC
  10. Invoicing your clients and chasing any unpaid invoices
  11. Updating your Excel spreadsheet or CRM with the 200 new business cards you have acquired whilst networking
  12. Setting up a series of reminders to help you plan for the next six months
  13. Email all your clients asking them to update their details
  14. Create an email newsletter, source the content and create a mailing list from your existing contacts
  15. Write and schedule content on three social media platforms for a month
  16. Research venues for workshops that you might be running
  17. Typing up of 10 pages of handwritten text
  18. Create some template documents for a training session or create a Welcome Pack for new clients
  19. Create a survey for a new product
  20. Scan, sort and input expense receipts
  21. Arrange travel for a personal or business trip
  22. Format and check a series of important documents
  23. Create a promotional video for a series of workshops
  24. Research and write a newsletter article or blog
  25. An audit of your website and SEO

For more information about this offer and its possibilities please contact Emma at The Umbrella Tree at and get the support you need this summer.