Here are our 5 ways to stand out and get noticed as a leader in your industry.

There are many ways to get noticed in a crowd, however, as a professional or as a business, it’s vital to do it the right way. When you get it right, you’ll find so many opportunities open up for you.

Be yourself

Keeping up appearances or pretending to be someone you’re not, can be tiring and stressful. By being yourself and being authentic, you know you’ll be able to deliver what’s expected of you each and every time. It also means, you’ll be able to talk confidently about the things that mean most to you or your business, which will create that buy-in from your audience. The important thing to remember here is that you might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that is perfectly ok! Don’t feel you need to change to appeal to everyone. By knowing who you are, you will resonate and attract those clients you want to work with and will stand out more for it. Just like a business, having a niche and targeting smaller markets makes it easier to be at the forefront.

Love what you do

Be passionate about what you do and allow people to see this. It makes you better at what you do and can also help you to establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

You’ll also naturally be a more positive person, and people thrive on positivity.

Be an attention seeker

Ok, so this may go against everything we’ve ever been taught. However, in business it’s vital. If you’re not out there shouting about you and your business, who will?! It doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone how amazing you are at every second of the day, but make sure you’re getting your name and message out there. Perhaps it’s by sponsoring events or doing something to raise money for charity. Whatever it is, making sure you’re consistently in the public eye or the media is going to raise your profile.

Be recognisable

What makes you different to your competitors? Why should we be looking to you rather than them?

Focus on your brand. Are you co-ordinated with brand colours at every situation? Do you implement brand colours into your wardrobe and stationery? Is your logo easily recognisable? By doing these things and incorporating them into everything you do, you’re building association with those elements to your brand.

Make sure you’re comfortable

Have you ever walked into a room and just wanted the ground to swallow you up? You feel out of place, or perhaps overdressed?

Although you can’t change the people or atmosphere in a room, there are things you can do to make sure you’re comfortable in any situation.

  • Do your research. Perhaps the event organisers will have a lead sheet of people and businesses attending. Doing a little research before you go will allow you to have some questions on standby which will make talking to people easier. Also, by researching attendees, you’ll be able to tailor your conversation to specifics of them or their businesses which should help your conversations flow more easily.
  • Check your body language. Is your body language open and positive or is it closed off and uninviting? Not only will the right body language make your more approachable, but it really can change your mood.
  • Dress for you. Wearing clothes that you feel good in will make you more confident and picking the right outfit for the occasion will certainly make a difference. If you know you’re going to an all-day event where you’ll be standing for the majority of it, it’s probably best to avoid those heels!

Getting noticed in a crowd the right way takes time, but practise our tips, and you’ll soon see a difference.