… and I’m not just talking websites and social media.

Here are five ways you can market your coaching business without spending lots of money or even making huge changes.

Whether you’re in the initial stages of launching your coaching business or are well established and are looking at ways to take your coaching to the next level, everyone loves a freebie. By speaking at groups, hosting webinars, giving away free coaching time you will be able to showcase just how good you are, get everyone talking and establish yourself as a valuable resource. And once you are valuable, you’ll be able to start offering the paid for services to your audience.


With mobile phone advancements, you can now record pretty amazing footage without the expense, and with videos on websites leading to an 80% conversion rate, it’s certainly worth considering.

Videos don’t have to be long, but clients will resonate with an honest and authentic host. Short videos explaining how clients may benefit from your coaching, or video testimonials from clients who have already benefited from your coaching are an increasingly powerful tool.

Network with other Coaches

In society, we are often surrounded by competitive situations. However, more often than not, those situations can actually be of huge benefit to us and have a positive impact on our lives.

Not every coach offers the same skillset or specialises in the same areas, and by connecting with other coaches you may in fact be opening an invaluable referral channel as well as being able to see how other coaches market themselves.

Target your Audience

It can be very tempting to try and market ourselves to everyone just to make sure we’re not missing out on that sale. However, finding a niche and homing in on that can be the best marketing strategy you ever take. Having a niche gives you a clear direction. You’ll be in a much better place to write articles that resonate with them, to find out where they hang out (online and off) so you can also be present at those places and find specific conferences to speak at. By having a niche, you’ll also be able to develop your understanding of that market so that when you are being approached or presenting to a potential client, you’ll be more natural in the way you talk and come over as more credible.

Nurture Relationships

Like anything, business and client relationships take time. Make sure you are showing up to your current contacts whether that’s at regular networking events, social media posts or newsletters. By being consistent you can keep in touch and make sure people know you are there as well as build yourself as an expert every time you share just a little bit more.

If you need help creating newsletters or researching where your audience hangs out, get in touch for a chat to see how we can do it for you.