When you’re a business owner, admin work is usually the last thing that you want to do. Chances are that you have other things that you would rather focus on. Unfortunately, admin is a necessary evil that is essential for any business.

Just because it’s essential doesn’t mean it’s hard and in fact you can make your admin easier and save yourself time by avoiding these seven deadly sins.

Winging it

Don’t just ‘attack’ your admin. Make sure you organise what needs to be done and make a plan. Create time in your schedule for the admin task and make sure you have everything ready to complete it. For example, if it’s time to record those expenses, make sure you have your receipts on hand.

Ignoring it

Leaving a task such as data input or record keeping will just result in it building up and make the job even more tedious and time consuming. Doing the task regularly will make it more manageable and staying on top of it may in fact make it feel less of a burden.

Not having a filing system

How many times have you gone to complete your expenses or reply to an email but can’t find receipts or the original incoming correspondence?

  • Create electronic folders and scan any hard copies as soon as they come in. Also save any electronic receipts as soon as they are received.
  • Spell it out. For example, title a folder “to deal with” so you know anything in here has to be sorted and recorded.
  • Create email folders. You can organise these as emails to respond to or have a folder for each client.

There are no hard and fast rules for a filing system, just keep it simple, clear and make sure it works for you.

Underutilising technology

We already use so much, do you really want to learn one more thing? The answer is mostly always yes. Investing in the right software can save you huge amounts of time. There is so much smart technology available that often once the software is connected to other systems and software you use, it does the hard work for you and actually cuts out your need to do anything. A great example is accounting software that connects to your bank account. It automatically keeps a track of your income and expenditure. All you have to do is approve it.

Giving in to emails

This is a huge distraction and wastes so much time. Emails should be treated the same as any other admin task. Don’t be fooled in to thinking that it must be dealt with immediately, even if it’s marked as urgent. If something is truly urgent, it will be dealt with via a phone call. Therefore, time for email management should be scheduled in and only be dealt with during these times. Automatic replies can be set up to notify the sender when they can expect a reply.


Make sure to keep a clean and tidy workspace. Firstly, it will ensure you don’t lose anything, and secondly a tidy desk is a tidy mind. Through away anything you don’t need, any duplicates and anything you haven’t used in six months. File paperwork where it should be and only have out what it is you need for that specific task.

App Monster

In the digital world, there is an app for almost everything. But how many of them do you actually use? Delete any apps from your phones and computers that you don’t use. Not only will this tidy the appearance, but it will free up vital space on your devices.

Do utilise Apps for efficiency and arrange these on your devices in the order of how often you use them. Make sure your accounts are linked across all devices, so you don’t have items stored in separate areas.