Dear Santa

I’ve been awfully good this year, I made my own coffee and I even filed my tax return on time. So, this year I’d love if you could step up the gifts and help me with my to do list for 2020;


I haven’t updated my website for quite some time now. I know I have new client testimonials which should be on there and probably some case studies too. The problem is, I just don’t have the time to sit down and really look at what I need to update. I’d love for someone to take this off my hands, and even offer a new perspective on it. If they could then manage regular updates of the site for me, that would be perfect!

Events Planning and Project Management

Next year I’d really like to push my business even further. I was thinking of running some open courses and hosting a few conferences. It would be fab to have an assistant who can help me with this, and even take it off my hands completely. If they could research speakers and invitees that would be a great place to start. I also have no idea in terms of venues and with my busy schedule, I just don’t have the time to visit them to see if they’re suitable, I’d love for someone to be able to do this for me.

Presentations, Workshops and Training

Further to present 2, what I think would be really useful is if I could brain dump all my knowledge and teaching on to someone and they turn it into a presentation or workshop for me, so it becomes a standard product. At the moment I deliver the work but have nothing written down or standardised. Having it in a format I can just pick up will probably help with my marketing of it too.

Social Media

I just don’t understand it, let alone have time for it. I think I have a profile, possibly, but that’s about it. If someone can just take control of this for me that would be fab. I mean, what’s an algorithm anyway?!

Sorting my Life

I know this may seem like a big ask, but what I’d really like is for someone to help me get my life organised for next year.

If someone can take control over my diary so it’s not so crammed that would be great. I find myself booking too many clients in and then running from one place to the next. I just need someone who can really manage it to allow me the time so I’m not always rushed.

I’d also like for them to help me with my strategy for next year. Perhaps they’ll be able to help me create processes and implement systems to make my life easier. If they could help me to evaluate my current position and identify opportunities or changes I can make, that would be really useful.

I’m sure you understand exactly how I feel, I mean that’s why you have elves right?

Do you need an elf in the New Year?  Get in touch if you need someone to help organise your life at or call 07977 640119.