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Warning random blog coming up!!

I was having a coaching session the other day and one of the questions that came up was “Are you having an impact?”.  I found this really interesting because in truth I have no idea!

I work hard for my clients, I am permanently thinking about marketing and the content that I am putting out there on social media, I constantly have my connections in mind and whether there are aspects of business that I come across that I can recommend them for, but am I really impacting anyone and is what I am doing impacting my business?

I have now been pondering this for several days so I thought I would write my thoughts down and share these with you.  It perhaps isn’t my usual type of blog but I wondered if anyone else has thought about this and I would be interested to know your what you think.

The problem is with making an impact is that it could be ages before you know that you have!  And when you are marketing yourself or your business, trying to do your best for clients and constantly thinking of ways to improve your service, you don’t know if anything that you are doing is actually right.  But does this matter?

The problem is if you worry to much about it, it is all consuming and you would end up doing nothing.  It has taken me a while to come to terms with this way of thinking but it has certainly been a refreshing experience.

So, I am worrying no more!  I am simply going to concentrate on what I do best, providing a good service to my clients, providing useful content through social media and in my Facebook groups, networking in the groups that I enjoy and with people who inspire me and who I can hopefully inspire and keep the vision for my business alive and moving forward.

Because no matter how far I get in business and no matter how many people I connect with, I will still never really know how much of an impact I am having on them and whether this is a positive experience for them or not.  The most any of us can do is our best.

And surely that matters right??