We all make mistakes on social media!

There is no doubt that social media can be one of the toughest things a business needs to get their head around. With so many rules and the dos and don’ts changing all the time, it’s no wonder people end up making mistakes, and sometimes don’t even realise.

So what are the biggest mistakes we see on social media?

Posting the same content across all platforms

Ok, yes it saves time. But it’s one of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make all too often.

Each and every social media platform is different, and that means the rules are different. Getting your head around that is going to help you up your social game.

Instagram: Less words, more pout. This is still very much image based. Using high quality images is a must for this platform. This isn’t the place to write articles, this is the place about selling a lifestyle. WHY will using your coaching business help your audience succeed in life. WHO is using your products and services.

Facebook: A good mix of imagery and wording is perfectly acceptable. People are more willing to read your post. This is where you can tell your story, who you are and what your business does. Don’t be afraid to get a little bit controversial here. Having an opinion counts.

LinkedIn: Now it’s time to shine. Content needs to be far more professional (and no that doesn’t mean boring). This is all about showing who you are, your experience and why you should be hired – it of course started as an online CV.

Doing them all

You may think that you need to have a presence across all social platforms to make you a success, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Knowing where your audience hangs out and focusing on that, even if it is just one platform, means you can put all your time and effort into something which is actually going to bring you value. If you’re a life coach you should be on Instagram and Facebook as you’ll be more B2C. Whereas if you’re a business coach, there’s a very strong argument to only focus on LinkedIn.

Not engaging

It’s not enough to just simply post on social media, hence the name. Social is about just that, being social. You need to be engaging with your audience, replying to their comments, sharing their content. Look at it like this. When you network in person you strike up conversations with other attendees. It’s not just one sided. You don’t just listen to what they have to say and ignore it. You respond. Social media is no different. It’s networking online. It’s striking up a conversation and continuing that conversation for as long as possible to encourage further reach of your post.

Too much sales talk

Inevitably, the purpose of us using social media is to sell our services or products. However, selling too much can be off-putting and makes your profile more of an advert than a social account. People also want to see the person behind the business. They want to make a connection with that business on a deeper level. But don’t fall into the trap of making it too personal. Your account still needs to be professional and reflect your business.

Let me know what you find most difficult on social.