Do I need a backup?

So, recently I personally experienced nearly losing everything! Well, that was on my computer anyway.

Like many I use One Drive to back up everything on my computer, just in case the worse happens and my computer dies. Well, my PC decided that it no longer wanted to work and crashed on me. What I hadn’t realised was that One Drive had stopped syncing with my files and I had no back up of my latest work. Fortunately, I did manage to recover most of it, but it took a lot of time and was a lot of work. Now, every time I begin my day, I make sure to check that my files are being backed up. I also make sure that I have a backup backup. The two most common ways of doing so are:

  • The Cloud. Arguably one of the most effective and secure ways to backup data. Data is stored on servers accessible over the internet. This method is easy, fast, and in many cases, free, and since it’s online, it protects you against all types of data loss. (This is what I was using, so a pro tip from first hand experience, make sure that it is automatically syncing as it should!)
  • External Hard Drives. Simply plugin and find the ‘back up’ option on your computer and let it transfer your files for you. It’s important to remove your hard drive from your computer once you’ve finished backing up as they have been known to be hacked. If you store personal data it’s also advisable to keep the hard drive locked away safely, and you may even consider having it encrypted for an extra layer of security.

You may also want to consider backing up any software you use. For example, if you have a password protector, what would happen if that were to fail?

Do you save favourites to your web browser? If your computer was to crash, would you be able to remember all the applications you use and bookmarked?

If you’d like any help or advice on backing up your files and software, get in touch with me at or call for a chat on 07977 640119.