Having systems and processes in place in your coaching business is fundamental to its success.

Without them, it’s difficult to know what’s going on in your business or deliver effective services to your clients. Here are just some of the benefits of having systems and processes in place.


Having a system in place that everyone understands and follows ensures that tasks are being done the same way each time and provides some protection against it being done wrongly or steps being missed. It should also mean that the same results are being achieved each time. For example, having a process in place for onboarding clients and delivery of client work should mean that the same standard of service is given each and every time.


Having systems and processes in place and recorded somewhere will make the training of new staff or freelancers easier. By having these documented, they don’t have to try and remember everything and instead will have something to refer to. Writing down each and every step will mean you’ll spend less time monitoring and supervising to make sure they’re getting it right allowing you to focus on your tasks.


If the above is satisfied, it will make scaling your business easier too! By having key activities documented and created into a system where others can do them, scaling up should be simple. Your systems and processes will become a template for your business.

Monitoring and improvement

Understanding what it is and how you do it means that you can monitor those processes and systems, and if new technology becomes available, or you need to adapt to a new client market, you’ll be able to quickly identify the stages which you’ll need to change or review. Inevitably over time systems and processes will develop and be refined to make them quicker and more efficient and potentially reduce costs.


An effective system or process helps you to have more control and monitor what’s happening in your business, giving you confidence and assurance that things are going as planned, and if they’re not, the ability to see it and implement strategies before it has too much of an effect is important.

Typically, activities that can easily be created into a process or system are those which are repetitive and routine. Developing these to a point where you can pass it over means you free up your time to do the tasks which will add value to your business and only you can do, ultimately allowing you the scope to scale up and grow your business.

If you need some help getting some systems and processes in place for your business, get in touch at emma@theumbrellatree.co.uk.