How can you save by outsourcing?

It’s no surprise that right now business owners are looking at ways to cut costs and save money. But how many have considered outsourcing as a way to do this?

Many people see the initial cost of hiring a consultant or outsourced team member but they don’t always see the bigger picture. For example, they see that a Virtual Assistant will cost between £25 and £35 per hour, far higher than the national minimum wage paid to an employee. However, dig a little deeper and are there big savings to be made?

Outsourcing reduces staff costs

Why? Outsourcing to highly skilled professionals allows you to stick to a smaller budget by only paying for what you need. It may be that you only need to outsource one task, for example Coaches may want to outsource diary management. Or you may want to outsource for a one-off project. It would be far more difficult to hire an employee for an hour or two than a freelancer, meaning you are more likely to hire employees on bigger contracts, therefore spending more.

There is of course also a saving by not having employee benefits. With outsourced staff you won’t be expected to pay pension contributions, National Insurance and Tax, holiday or sickness pay.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Outsourced professionals are on their time not yours. When you have employees, you’re very likely to find that you’re paying for coffee and tea breaks, and with those quite often a chat over the kettle. Whereas outsourced professionals are only being paid for the time they actually spend on a task meaning you get higher productivity for less.

Equipment and training

When you hire new staff within an organisation it’s your responsibility to make sure they have everything they need. From desk space, a computer and software to training costs. When you outsource, they already have their own equipment and are responsible for their own training and personal development. This alone can save thousands a year.

Experts have calculated that using a Virtual Assistant can save businesses over 40% on business costs. Question is, will you be making the saving?

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