How to work with a Virtual Assistant to get your coaching business ready?

For some of us, the half-way point in the year is a time for us to look at our strategies for the following year and if you’re a coach it’s the perfect chance to make sure you’re ready for coaching in 2020.

A current trend which is going to be even bigger in 2020 is automated coaching. With technology becoming more accessible and more advance, clients are going to be less concerned with the location of a coach and more concerned with the accessibility of that coach.

Working with a Virtual Assistant is a great way to be able to manage and utilise all the available platforms and tools to make sure your clients can reach you, even when you’re not actually available. Online diaries and appointment making will be an expectation of many clients and having a VA to manage this will be a vital time saving exercise. Many Virtual Assistants will also be able to help you set up processes and systems which will allow automated emails and documents to be sent at relevant parts of the joining process.

With the focus on automated coaching, delivery of the coaching sessions themselves will change. Much focus will be on digitalising courses. One option will be via Webinars, but another option becoming more popular is on demand workbook and downloadable courses. More and more customers are looking for courses which they can complete in their own time and often these are in the forms of downloadable workbooks. Working with a Virtual Assistant is a great way to create workbooks and presentation slides that your clients can download on demand.

Huge focus will also turn to coaches who can demonstrate results. With a trend for entrepreneurs and more people wanting to work flexibly from home, there has been a rise in coaches across a huge range of industries from lifestyle and wellness to business and personal development. However, this has resulted in a rise of expensive coaching that promises massive gains in very short amounts of time and as a result people are becoming more aware of how they should be choosing their coaches.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise is via client testimonials. As always, time is a factor when it comes to asking clients for testimonials and creating an effective way of presenting them. Asking your Virtual Assistant to contact clients on your behalf or create surveys and even create video testimonials with your clients will make a huge difference for your time and also for your reputation.

Another way coaches are creating trust with their clients is with the influencer movement. Becoming well known and ‘being in the limelight’ is hugely beneficial to growing your coaching business. Using a Virtual Assistant to plan events, research conferences you can speak at, plan and host retreats, research other key influencers in your industry to connect with will be a valuable part of many strategies for 2020.

End to end customer experience is also a growing consideration. Customers want a high level of contact and connection with you from the beginning of their journey right through to the end. A little daunting while trying to juggle everything else. Fortunately, much of this comes from digital interaction. Virtual Assistants will be key for planning an effective social media strategy as well as responding to comments and engaging with your audience on those platforms. Having a VA to answer and respond to emails and telephone calls will also help to create a positive overall customer experience.

We’d love to know how you work with your Virtual Assistant!

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