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If you’re overwhelmed with the number of tasks it takes to keep your business running, it might be time to hire a VA. If you’re finding that there are tasks that you loathe, but know they need to be done…it’s definitely time. Whether you’re a business coach or a HR Director a Virtual Assistant can be a key to keeping your business on top form.

How valuable is your time?

When it comes to business, there is no doubt that we all must look at cost savings. Particularly as a smaller business or a solo-preneur we often try to do everything ourselves; No need for professionals; It costs too much to hire a contractor; It costs too much to hire a web developer; It costs too much to hire a designer!

It is totally true that anything that you want to get done, you can try and do yourself. YouTube and Google are full of advice on DIY for just about everything!  But so many times we forget or overlook the TIME as a cost to us.  We always think that doing it ourselves saves us money, but the cost of our time is a serious factor that should be considered.

The easiest way to work out the value of hiring a Virtual Assistant vs. doing it yourself is to look at an hour of time. How much do you charge per hour vs the hourly charge rate of a VA. If the VA rate is lower than your charge rate, chances are you’re actually losing money by not outsourcing those tasks. It’s also worth bearing in mind, a Virtual Assistant does these tasks daily so they’re also likely to be quicker at carrying them out, equalling even more value for money and time!

Bulk repetitive tasks

Do you have tasks that you do over and over and over… and over again?

90 minutes a day answering emails? 30 minutes a week booking hotels? 15 minutes filling out expense reports? Write down exactly what you do, and you might be surprised at how much time these small tasks chip away from your week — and which ones pop up most regularly.

AND, these are the repetitive tasks that you can show a Virtual Assistant how to do once and then leave them to do it (over and over and over again) allowing you to do what you do best to grow the business and generate revenue.

Life sucking tasks

Are there tasks that you just hate but you know they have to be done. These tasks are always going to take you far longer than they ever should because:

  • you’re really not interested in them and you just don’t want to do them so you drag it out, you get distracted, you get a mental block. We all have them.
  • you procrastinate. Something else will always take priority and these just get left for as long as possible. In fact, probably until you have no choice but to do them.

Worse still, sometimes these tasks just don’t get done even though they should.

When you need help, just not all of the time

As businesses begin to grow there is often a point when you need an extra pair of hands, but not enough to warrant a full-time employee. Virtual Assistants are a fantastic resource at this point of a business’s life because of their flexible nature. You hire them for just the time you need and can increase that time as and when the business continues to grow.

Most importantly, delegating specific tasks and responsibilities to other people is a huge step towards preventing burnout. It’s so easy to think that you need to do everything yourself. This leads to very long work days, lack of focus, feeling overwhelmed, and having little time for other areas of life such as exercise, hobbies, and family.

Remember, nobody is great at everything. Focus on the tasks you do well and outsource the rest.

If you would like to chat about hiring a Virtual Assistant and getting some business support, get in touch at emma@theumbrellatree.co.uk or give us a call on 07977 640119.