As a coach you know just how important connections and self-development can be for growth, therefore I’m sharing the best lead pages and sales funnels for coaches.

First, to ensure you have organic traffic, create value-packed content that your online visitors will connect and engage with daily. By building awareness and attracting visitors to your website and social media platforms you can then convince them to invest more time and money into your business.

The simplest way is a Lead Magnet Funnel entice your organic traffic to subscribe to your mailing list using a freebie incentive. Your freebie can be as specific as you like to find your ideal clients. If you are a coach focusing on helping female entrepreneurs expand their business, create a freebie with a bold, eye-catching headline ‘5 Essential Ways for Female Entrepreneurs to Boost their Business and Manifest Success’.

This funnel will work by visitors willingly inputting their email address into a landing page to gain your freebie (aka the lead magnet), after this transaction you can follow up the leads using their email addresses. Turns those visitors into customers by building a relationship and creating trust, offer low-cost advice and those customers will return and invest more.

Alternatively, you can use a Lead Magnet Funnel in reverse by giving your visitors some of your best information before asking them to opt-in to join your mailing list. This can be particularly effective using video content as you can already build a relationship with the customer. Although this method has a lower conversion rate, you will be focusing on a higher quality of leads.

A similar Lead Magnet Funnel is to sell an introductory offer and then roll-out the main offer. Entice your customers on a regular basis through social media, blogs and newsletters. Remind them of all you have to offer. Then offer workshops, group consulting or services with a low to medium price range. After this, the medium to high prices of one-to-one coaching.

A useful funnel, which can create a passive income is a webinar funnel as these can be pre-recorded and shown repeatedly on different dates and times. Video helps to connect to your customers quicker as they want to get to know the person behind the brand plus it is likely only those high-quality leads will invest in your services after the webinar.

A webinar funnel consists of visitors from organic traffic or Ads (e.g. Facebook Ads) to register to attend your webinar. In your content or Ad, be personable, tell your story and explain to your visitors how you can specifically help them. Include which solutions to their problems will be covered in the webinar.

Offering the webinar free will create a large audience, you will need a larger registration of visitors as there will be a smaller conversion into customers. When it comes to turning your webinar viewers into customers, provide a discount to your paid services as part of their loyalty of watching the video. Don’t forget, you have your visitors email addresses from their sign up to the webinar so use this to remind customers of who you are and the services you provide plus a play-back opportunity of the webinar in case they missed it the first time around.

Like a Webinar, a Summit Funnel, shares knowledge on a wider scale and brings together different audiences.

Summit Funnels are the perfect way for to provide value and increase your audience reach.

It happens by putting together an online summit with multiple speakers that you interview. You let people register for the summit for free, in the hope they will buy either recordings of the event for them to watch again or any other services or events you have to offer.

It is a great way to build a mailing list and increase brand awareness. In addition, invited speakers will bring their own audiences to view the Summit increasing visitor views.

After using the sales funnels above you may want to offer a more personal service such as a phone call to those top-quality leads that have engaged with you throughout.

After visitors have opted-in to any of these funnels, include an automated ‘thank you’ message with the details of the service to their inbox to show your appreciation and add a link to your service so they can share among their community.

Another funnel often used in high end coaching and consulting is the where people apply to work with you through an application funnel. Application Funnels work by using a “take away” sale, where the potential client must ‘apply’ to become a client.

Sales funnels can be great lead generators, but you will need an effective landing page to ensure conversation of visitors into customers.

Software such as Facebook Lead Generation can aid you with your sales funnels by linking your landing page to your ‘Call to action’ or valuable giveaway great for Lead Magnet funnels.

If you are interested in a webinar sales funnel, keep your landing page brief. Provide all the essential information such as when and what time. Use the headline to create curiosity on wanting to join the webinar to find out more. The great thing about using this kind of funnel is if your webinar will be having an end date, you can then add anticipation for another webinar, event or direct them back to your site or to some testimonials if not already included on the landing page. Include a ‘notify me’ subscription list so you can notify those potential leads when the next event will be taking place.

On your landing page for a Summit funnel you will want to attract visitors with the speakers involved, include a headshot and biography.

Another great way to build anticipation is a ‘Launching soon’ or ‘coming soon’ landing page. Again visitors can be turned into customers by subscribing to find out the launch date. You can add a phrase that subscribers will be the first to know so customers will feel they need to subscribe so they will not miss out on your opportunity.

Perhaps you would like a more personal landing page, you can create a ‘your story’ or an ‘about me’ page. Include a link to contact you, subscribe to a blog or newsletter, or your latest offer or course.

There are plenty of software applications which can automate your sales funnel and lead generation into a painless task. Such as Thrive Leads, a lead generation software for WordPress and comes with a funnel builder with no coding required. You can utilise software and templates from including Facebook Ad Builder and Lead Magnet hosting to individualise to your needs.

There are so many options available which is fantastic news for us all and thankfully the Internet is full of helpful information and tutorials to aid our learning, but of course if you would like someone to help you on your lead pages and sales funnel journey, a Virtual Assistant may be the answer.