What online tools do you need as a Coach?

The world we live in today has been designed for our ease. We can turn the heating on without leaving the sofa. We can give kudos to friends without going to meet them. This ease should extend as far as our work lives too. Any processes in your daily routine that causes you even the slightest inconvenience should be rethought. Here I will talk you through my favourite online tools for your coaching business to enable you to streamline your day.

1) The most important thing as a Coach is for you to be able to connect with your clients. ZOOM is an amazing HD video platform where you can do practically anything. You can video call 1:1, conference call, broadcast your webinars and create presentations. It has such high quality graphics that using a projector wouldn’t be a worry at all. Did you know podcasts are increasing in popularity? Start a monthly podcast and share it with your clients. Clients can access anything you share with them easily via a link, they don’t even have to have an account. There is also an Instant Messaging function so you can interact or ask questions while in meetings or studying. This is already used by huge trusted companies you’ll have heard of. Have a look for yourself!

2) Keep on top of your to-do lists with Google Keep. Even if you don’t use the rest of the Google products, it’s extremely user friendly. You can add photos and colour schemes. It can function across multiple devices and can be barked at with “ok Google!”. There is the opportunity to share items too.

3) Use Asana for your business to-dos. Set tasks, schedule projects and manage their progress as clients log in to update their assignments. There are different layouts to suit the requirements of the task and everyone can share a timeline/calendar to see meetings and future deadlines etc. And the best part is that it’s free for up to 15 clients! Definitely the best project management tool available at the moment.

4) The obvious one… Mailchimp. Reach your mailing list easily and functionally. Create sub-categories to target certain people. Emailing is direct and will always be more personable than a post on social media. It’s free so surely worth a go if you haven’t already got it?

5) To really streamline your admin, use Due to keep on top of your transactions and to send invoices. It’s professional, reliable and easy to use. Clients can make payment through Due too. There are no hidden start-up or monthly fees and no transaction costs – bargain!

6) And last but certainly not least, the all in one! CoachLogix is the complete package. You can upload videos to client portals. Regardless of wherever you keep your online diary, your work schedule can be integrated from any app. There’s the ability to chat; access & store your documents; you can provide your clients with forms/surveys which they can then submit to you in the portal; the stretch of CoachLogix is endless! It is free for you to try and free for up to three clients. But it gets really clever when you pay monthly … Brand colours and logos can be uploaded which means the platform practically serves as an extension of your own website. Worth the price tag? I’d say so depending on the size of your business. Highly rated by huge corporations and key Coaches.

I hope that has given you some direction with regards to making your job easier for you. Ultimately, your clients want you and your knowledge. So, make yourself more accessible by freeing up more time. Use platforms that best represent your business.