2020 has been a tough year in many ways. A new disease causing a global pandemic which has led to significant economic decline and record levels of unemployment in the UK. Political unrest and global protest. Navigating new rules and adapting to a very different way of life. Long periods of quarantine with reduced physical contact, separation from friends and family, and reliance on virtual communication. It is no wonder we are feeling overwhelmed.

Overwhelm can lead to forgetfulness, exhaustion, and inability to focus and make effective decisions.

Managing a business can be stressful at the best of times, let alone in these unusual times. Business owners are juggling operating and growing a business, keeping up to date with digital tools, and managing home life. Running on all cylinders, it can feel like there are just not enough hours in the day!

Although it won’t be quite the same this year, we are also racing towards Christmas with a new year to plan for.

There’s a lot going on right now so if you are feeling overwhelmed it’s totally understandable. But you can’t help your clients be their best selves if you are not your best self so it’s best to address overwhelm as soon as possible.

Here are some of our top tactics for dealing with overwhelm as a coach or business owner:

Self Care: Make sure to take a break away from screens, calm your mind, and allow time for relaxing and enjoyable activities. If you feel things getting on top of you, walk away for five minutes. Exercise and fresh air boost productivity by giving us the chance to reset. Get plenty of sleep and limit news consumption.

Plan ahead and manage your time: Block out time for breaks, time to work with clients, time for housework, and time with family. Use your diary to plan your day, set a timer, and allow time for firefighting or unexpected problems. Try not to multi-task and focus on one aim at a time, instead of flitting between them.

Prioritise: Focus on the more important or urgent tasks first. Is there anything you can outsource, delegate or automate?

Have a brain dump: With our increased screen time and technology usage, it is easy to experience information overload. Spend 10 minutes to make a note of ideas, thoughts, and tasks to clear your mind and organise them later.

Start with small goals first: When you’re overwhelmed it is easier to procrastinate but if you break down larger projects into smaller more manageable tasks, you will build momentum and reach your final goal quicker. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started! Celebrate what you have achieved rather than fixating on what you haven’t.

Try not to overthink: When we overthink tasks, problems materialise in our heads and we find ways to put them off.

Quality not Quantity: Instead of trying to do as much as you can and be everywhere at once- for example on all social media platforms, focus your energy on things that would have the most impact.

Remember you are not alone; the pandemic and lockdown have resulted in the growth of online support groups and webinars to provide advice and share ideas.

If you are struggling with overwhelm, get in touch, and see how The Umbrella Tree can help.