Referral, Recommendations, and Collaborations are essential for your business

For any business, but especially coaching, effective communication, strong social skills, and positive encounters can help to form useful relationships with other businesses. Networking is essential and there are easy ways to do this online. LinkedIn is a good place to start to build up your contacts. However, studies show that the most successful way of marketing is through word of mouth- starting with your family and friends. This is why it’s advised to network in person. Go to events, join the local Chamber, go to the library to work or rent a desk in an office. Meet people face to face to form the strongest connections. This will be the foundation for all future recommendations.

There is nothing more powerful for a Coach than a strong or passionate recommendation. It is powerful because it screams excellence. It is a trustworthy way of knowing whether or not your service is successful. Any honest feedback should be, not only welcomed but encouraged. Recommendations are where, unbeknown to them, your clients become your sales team and ambassadors of your brand. The best way to market yourself in the age of technology advancement is to get the best reviews online, and lots of them.

The more recommendations you have online to boast, the more referrals you will get, and potentially requests to collaborate. Remember to engage with your reviewers too! It shows you are grateful and personable – it’ll inspire more to leave feedback too!

To collaborate is to form partnerships with complementary businesses. The idea behind this is that it will smoothly introduce you to their Clients. Collaboration with other businesses isn’t about competition, it is a communication strategy. You will be stronger together as the more people who know of you, the louder your voice will be.

This cycle is how your brand becomes the top-rated business. It isn’t easy and you have to put a lot of work in, especially in the networking stages however it’ll be worth it!

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