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Emma has been my virtual PA for the last year and a half. She is one of my valued team members and is certainly a significant part of building my business from strength to strength.

Work is fast-paced and there is never a dull day! This does not phase Emma. She gets stuck in. We have worked out a daily routine and she is the one who will follow up for me and nudge me on projects to ensure I don’t take my eye off the ball.

She has an excellent phone manner and she is confident enough to chase and follow up where required. She is my trusted sounding board. I stay on time and track with Emma’s assistance and I hope we work together for many more years to come!

Rachel Tombs

Emma is a consummate professional doing very well at being an integral part of my business and processes, reducing my workload and making it easier for me to focus on strategy and delivery. Emma’s strengths include her ability to make it seem as if things happen by magic. Lots of activity in the background with minimal distraction.

Roianne Nedd

Innovator, Author and Speaker

Emma is a highly trustworthy, meticulous, organised and efficient Virtual Assistant. She keeps me in order and never misses anything! I can’t recommend her enough. But on the other hand I don’t want to recommend her at all, because that will mean I will have to share her with others!

Mark Trinick

Managing Director

Emma has been a part of our Elite PA Solutions team for circa nine months now and provides regular, on-going business support to one of our clients who specialises in executive search.

The executive industry was new to Emma, however, this has not held her back. Emma has formed a solid relationship, risen to the challenge and got to grips with the process of search quickly. Emma is professional, pro-active and pushy at all the right times! She is not micro-managed by me or our client, she’s happy to take the reins, be proactive and manage her own workload in a proactive and dedicated manner. Emma shares our core values and is commitment to delivering a first class service to our client. She’s friendly, responsive, approachable and greatly valued by both myself and my client.

Sandy Hearn


Emma is an excellent support to any company. She works quickly, thoroughly and is very flexible in her approach, vital in business.
I thoroughly recommend using Emma’s services as a virtual assistant, I do believe she can virtually do anything!

Gill Donnell MBE

Writer | Speaker | Coach | Host at The Successful Women Podcast Show

Emma is an extremely organised, professional and approachable person who is creative and intuitive in her thought process and problem solving abilities.

When Emma worked with me she would organise my appointments, manage my diary, design and prepare presentations for me and generally assist me in every way to make my life easier and workload balance more manageable. She is extremely confidential and I could trust Emma to effectively handle the most sensitive of issues. She was an absolute asset and a joy to work with.

Jan Spicer MCIPD

COO Company Transformation Group | Coach, Mentor & Consultant | Cultural Transformation

Emma is great!  It was amazing having her on board whilst I was opening my new business.  She is efficient, conscientious and provides excellent support.  Having someone to talk things through with was invaluable and knowing that tasks would be done to a very high standard took the pressure off.  Thank you Emma!.”
Sammie McFarland

Wellness Coach

I highly recommend working with Emma. She is efficient, knows social media well and takes all those tasks from you that take up time and energy.

Caroline Buchanan

Health Coach

Emma is a pleasure to work with and brilliantly efficient. Emma has transformed my admin processes and looking forward to doing the same with my social media presence. She is solutions led, tenacious and flexible to offer a custom made service that suits my business needs. This has ultimately freed up my time so I can make my business more profitable. I highly recommend her services.

Sarah Mills


Emma is a blessing! Being a busy restaurateur, I never have enough time to do all the necessary admin tasks that always seem to be there.

Emma has taken these tasks and given me some breathing space leaving me more time to concentrate on other things. She is organised and efficient and I know that when I ask her to do something she puts a 110% into every task

Sue Harvey


On behalf of the Walk do Freedom Foundation I would like to recommend the skill set and high quality service that Emma gives to me as a client.

Emma has learnt quite quickly how our charity functions and has been a major asset in supporting new projects that we are launching.

Working with Emma has allowed me to get away from some of the rigours of running a charity and frankly speaking from having to do things that annoy the life out of me to do. To being able to do what I need to do.

Emma really sets a high quality and standard of completed work with what ever task is set, and takes instruction so well that I have never had to back track with her.

I would highly recommend Emma for all aspects of administrative and marketing where she takes the burden of you so you can be free to do what you love to do. I thoroughly recommend Emma for Start up companies as well a high level company’s too…

Mark Clarke


A pleasure to work with – I can just hand stuff over to Emma and know that she will get on with it! A real blessing to have someone whom you can trust to carry out work 🙂

Sam Trim

If you need a person to help organise your schedule, get you out of trouble, make things happen, and delight your customers, then LEAVE EMMA ALONE. She is my hidden secret, and since finding her my life has been easier, and my clients have been happier. I would be mad to recommend her to anyone, and I will be happy to take out anyone who wants to take her away from me. Luckily , I trust her implicitly, and as the person who manages my time I’ll have to trust her if she says she has time to look after you too!

Gavin Presman


I’ve been working with Emma for nearly 3 months and its has made a huge difference to my efficiency and my stress levels. We started with a de-clutter in the office and set up a simple system for workflow. She now manages my diary and my inbox on a daily basis. Gone is the clutter and the myriad of distractions that used to suck up my time. I am now free to focus on the things that I need to do to deliver to clients and to move the business forward. My energy has returned and I now feel in control of the business, rather than it being in control of me! Thanks Emma – you have made a world of difference in a really short space of time

Michelle Lucas

Accredited Coach | Accredited Coaching Supervisor | Published Author

Emma has been more than able to handle any task I have given her, from managing my inbox to writing a newsletter, she is organised and professional. I am very happy to recommend her to anyone who needs an extra (virtual) pair of hands.

Tom Boltwood

Managing Director

Emma is a motivated individual with a sense of humour who dealt with all tasks given to her in a sensible and efficient way. She is highly organised and always delivered in her role as my PA.
She assisted me in all aspects of my role as Chief Executive and dealt with sensitive issues with the utmost discretion and was proactive in making my role easier. She is a very capable individual with the ability to be flexible in her thinking and completed all tasks given to her successfully.
Emma was a delight to work with and an asset to our firm and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Alan Horne

Chief Executive

Emma has been supporting me in my business, providing VA support over the past few months – particularly supporting me in updating my website and producing newsletters to my clients.

Emma completely understands my business and what I am trying to achieve and works with me to ensure that she is delivering the task in the way that I want. She is exceptionally capable and efficient and I am often staggered at what Emma can achieve in just a few hours as these tasks would have taken me days! This gives me valuable time to focus on running my business and seeing my own clients.

I wholeheartedly, recommend Emma!

Yvonne Vigar

My customer experience with Emma has been consistently outstanding.   She went above and beyond her duty to assist me in my project.   She has bowled me over with her persistence to help me succeed.   I highly recommend her.

Sharon Roberts

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