Would you like some more headspace?

For many of us, the way we run our business in the early days is very different to how we should run it as it begins to grow. However, at what point do we or should we be considering a change in strategy? And, do we actually recognise that we need to include this strategy in our original plans?

Let’s look at a coaching business for example.

In the beginning, you may have very few coaching clients, and as such it will be much easier to balance delivering your coaching work and completing everyday business activities. By everyday activities we mean:

  • Administration
  • Emails
  • Digital Marketing
  • Networking
  • Personal development/courses

But what happens as your business begins to grow, you get more clients and all the usual business has to be taken care of? For many of us, we don’t have a plan in place, and we end up trying to juggle too much, inevitably resulting in us dropping a few balls along the way and causing us massive business headaches.

This is where a VA can help you achieve the headspace you’ll need to make sure you remain on top of your business.

In the initial stages of your business plan, make sure you identify the squeeze points – at which point will there be too much for you to be able to do on your own effectively?

Identify the tasks you would be happy to pass to someone else to do for you. Don’t only look at the bits you don’t want to do but also look at the tasks in terms of value. Even if there is something you love doing, are you actually losing money by doing it (i.e. could you be earning more in that hour by delivering coaching work)?

Top tip: don’t leave it until crunch point before you instruct a Virtual Assistant. VAs are fab and will pick things up very quickly. However, in an ideal situation, hiring a VA before you NEED them will allow you to train them in your processes and how your business runs, while you have the time to be available to them, meaning that they’re extremely proficient and can ‘office manage’ on your behalf when you’re not around, allowing you to know your business is in good hands and you can use that headspace to think about the next thing.

Once you have that relationship with your VA, you’ll also find that they become your right-hand man or woman, being a sounding board when you need it. A great Virtual Assistant won’t only listen, but they’ll be able to help you make sense of any issues and help you to create a way forward, often taking the task away from you so you can focus on what you do best: delivering client work.

Here’s our top ways of creating headspace for our clients:

  • Create a plan. After speaking with our clients, we create a plan of action on their behalf. Exactly like a to-do-list, they don’t even have to think about what’s next as we’ve done it for them.
  • Diary management. One of our clients’ biggest headaches is their time management – usually, because they’re trying to please too many people and fit too much in. We make sure to use their diary to effectively plan their day. From making sure time is blocked out for lunch and travel, to having a “things happen hour” (Things go wrong. That’s life. But planning for it puts you ahead of the game.)
  • Project manage. When our clients are delivering client work, the last thing they want to worry about is corresponding with sub-contractors or suppliers on projects, so we do it for them.

If you need to chat about creating more headspace for your business, get in touch on 07977 640119 or email emma@theumbrellatree.co.uk.

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