Why is finding space to breathe so difficult?

There are so many aspects of life that have an impact on our wellbeing and finding the space to get away from any that start to have a negative effect is vital for our health.

Firstly, modern-day living makes it almost impossible to actually shut off from the world and get away from it all. We’ve become heavily reliable on technology, particularly mobile phones which are often permanently on our being.

Not only have they created an expectation from family, friends and clients that we’ll be available immediately 24/7, which as business owners we succumb to, they’ve also evolved to show us everybody else’s lives through the power of social media. We now find ourselves comparing our lives with those around us, some of whom we don’t even know, and feeling like we can’t take a break because it somehow makes us not good enough.

We also find ourselves trying to balance work life with home life more than ever. Particularly as a parent, we try to juggle running a household, making sure the kids have packed lunches and PE kits and have done their homework, all while trying to run a business or give our all to our employer.

However, there are ways to find that space, but it does involve being extremely strict on yourself.

  • Make the time. Sounds impossible right? But unless you take control and make the time it will never happen. No-one else will do it for you. Even if it’s just an hour a week, book it out in your diary and make sure you take it. Do something you enjoy that helps with lowering your stress levels, or, do nothing. The power of sitting and just listening to your breathing and connecting with yourself is a game-changer.
  • Say no. We hear this a lot but for some reason it’s a difficult one to overcome. If we say no we seem to think we’re letting people down, or perhaps that we’ve failed. However, we all reach a point where we just can’t do anymore and being able to say no is a skill that should be embraced.
  • Take a step back from technology and social media. Don’t carry your phone everywhere you go. If you’re in the house, does it really need to come to every room with you? Log out of your profiles so you don’t get notifications every time there’s activity. You’ll also find that the effort of logging back in makes those quick scrolling sessions seem like a chore. Have two phones (one for work and one for personal) so you’re not aware when new emails come in and feel the need to respond.

Particularly, in the current circumstances, finding space to breath has been made even harder. Many are at home for longer periods of time, having to act as teacher and children’s entertainer as well as continue to work. But, by changing our habits, we may just be able to find a little space in our lives.

If you are finding it difficult to find space to breathe, get in touch at emma@theumbrellatree.co.uk to see how we can help.